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Thinking of renting an allotment?

People take on allotments for many different reasons.

Of course growing your own fruit and vegetables means you can get really fresh, great tasting seasonal produce. You may grow unusual varieties that are hard to find or expensive in the shops and yet there is nothing quite like the taste of freshly dug new potatoes.

Having an allotment is a healthy outdoor pursuit which can improve your cardiovascular health and lower your stress levels. Allotment gardening also offers you a great way to unwind in the fresh air and the chance to meet people who share your interests or just somewhere to relax and watch it all grow.

The world is moving at a faster and faster pace these days, so make the most of something moving slowly for a change. 

Growing your own also means that you are doing your bit for the environment too, helping to reduce energy use, reduce pollution from food transport and reduce packaging from shop bought food, all this while promoting wildlife on your plot.

Gardening for beginners

If your fingers feel less than green and you’re just getting into gardening, expert advice is always welcome. You will find plenty of knowledge to help you get the most from your plot from the seasoned pros on site.

The first advice from the experts is to remember, gardening should be fun. It can be frustrating, stressful and hard work but so is any worthwhile hobby. 

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in weeding, watering and harvesting, we forget to look at what we’ve achieved. Take some time to enjoy your garden; sit down have a cuppa, relax and enjoy your hard work. Gardening is all about enjoying what you do.

A steep learning curve

Gardening is also a steep learning curve, especially if you are just starting out, no doubt there will be a few hiccups along the way.  Nobody gets it right first time.  Plants can be moved and new varieties of fruit and vegetables can be sown and garden designs can be developed. And yes, bugs and diseases can be stopped. When something works it’s amazingly satisfying and surely that’s why we all garden.   

Learning from your failures is what counts; and it is this, that helps you to grow as a gardener. Don’t spend time focussing on what you can’t do, just focus on what you can, with an eye on the wildlife that shares the garden with you. It is quite wonderful to watch the robin or blackbird, sitting on your spade, watching you dig, exposing the worms or bugs. As soon as you go for a cuppa they will be in there picking the best ones to take back to feed their young.

Look after your soil and your soil will look after you – it’s that simple. Everything starts with the quality of your soil. From no-dig methods to improving your soil Victorian style, that is how to keep your beds in tip-top condition.

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