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Wollaton Allotments Tenancy

Feed the soil and the soil will feed you.

What is a tenancy agreement?

Renting an allotment and making it productive is a year-round commitment and may be hard work to begin with. Demand for allotments is high and failure to keep your garden well cultivated may mean that you will lose your plot.

Before you apply for an allotment take some time to consider if you are able to spare the time needed. Think carefully whether you want a full or half size plot. If you have not gardened before, perhaps first you could help a friend with their plot, before you commit to your own tenancy.

Tenancy Agreements

The tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract made between you and the Allotment Association, outlining what is expected from both parties. It is important to read your tenancy agreement carefully, breaking the contract can result in the Association issuing breach notices and ultimately regaining control of the allotment and the key to the site.

Applying for a plot

If you are successful in your application a tenancy agreement will be issued. Initially, returning gardeners from the old allotment site will have first refusal of a plot.  It will then be open to residents of the NG8 and NG9 areas of Nottingham, with no allotment elsewhere, who will then be given priority.

We will contact you when you are at the top of the waiting list and a plot becomes available.

We will arrange a site visit and if you want the plot, you will be issued with a tenancy agreement to sign, at this point money changes hands and the key to the site is yours.

Then the hard work begins, it is time to do gardening.

Please read carefully the sample tenancy agreement click the link below.

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