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The Wollaton allotments site began life as fields and meadows lying adjacent to an ancient watering hole called Martin's Pond, which is itself fed from a pond in the nearby Strelley hills, and runs through the allotment site where it is known as the Bilborough Brook.

To fulfill the need for land, allotment legislation was enacted. The law was first fully codified in the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908, then modified by the Allotments Act 1922 and subsequent Allotments Acts up until the Allotments Act 1950.

Allotment sites and the activity of gardening is relatively risk free if people are aware of the hazards and take steps to ensure that they, other people and wildlife are not put at risk.

Finding an allotment and readying it for cultivation can seem a daunting task, but with these simple steps a productive plot is easier than you might think.

The National Allotment Society (NAS) is the leading national organisation upholding the interests and rights of the allotment community across the UK. We work with government at national and local levels, other organisations and landlords to provide, promote and preserve allotments for all. We offer support, guidance and advice to our members and those with an interest in allotment gardening.

A little friendly advice can help you get the most from your garden. We’ve been talking to experts across the UK, asking them to share their prize nuggets of gardening wisdom. The result is this little book – a treasure trove of essential gardening knowledge. Here you’ll find helpful tips on caring for your soil and your tools, and advice on how to conquer weeds once and for all.

Remarkable archived page from the BBC with an A to Z of the creatures and deseases that you may have to battle against in the allotment

The begining of a new year 2020 and continuous rain in the last few months has proved difficult for many gardeners with a clay based soil. This blog article from allotmenteer Richard gives a sensible don't panic view of what to do.

Garden Advice by Month

This series of monthly guides will help you know what to do now on your plot and what should have been done and is to do.

Simple veg planner for the year, when and what to plant through the year.

Allotments Act 1922 legislation

Garden Holders Blogspot

Wiki page for Wollaton in Nottingham

The Society exists to protect and enhance the principal Conservation Areas which include the Village core and Wollaton Park. In order to do that the Society encourages historic research and seeks to encourage people living in all parts of Wollaton and Wollaton Park to learn more about the history of the area and thereby to help ensure its survival and conservation.
In order to achieve that, the Society holds a number of talks on local history during winter months and, in the summer, in addition to opening the Dovecote Museum, provides a number of guided walks around the area of greater Wollaton and visits to other historical sites of interest.

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